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Types of Moves

Questions for Types Of Move to Find the Right Company for You

Contrary to popular belief there is a wide variety of types of move and different types of moving service. This means that when you are planning your move, you cannot simply assume that you need a typical moving company. You will need to ask questions to determine your requirements and evaluate if you are choosing the right company for you.

Does the Company Have Proper Licensing?


The most important question for anyone looking to move is whether the different types of moving services they are considering are properly licensed. Even if you find a company that seems to perfectly suit your specific needs if they are not properly licensed you need to walk away. Professional moving companies regardless of the types of moves they handle should display a U.S Department of Transport license number or state license. It is possible to verify the authenticity of any license numbers to ensure that the company is legitimate. Of course, every company within the Moving You database is fully licensed.

What Are the Specific Requirements of Your Move?

Every single move has its own unique characteristics. From how many boxes you need to transport and how far they need to travel, to special items such as musical instruments, you need to establish your requirements in order to find the best moving company. By choosing a moving company with expertise in this area, you can be assured that they have the skills and experience to handle your move with ease.

Do You Need Additional Liability Coverage?

Basic movers insurance will provide you with some degree of protection, but the coverage is usually minimal. This means that if you have costly items, you may find yourself bearing the financial burden of repairs or replacement in the event of an accident. Licensed movers often offer Full Value Protection which provides additional coverage and ensures that the full replacement value of damaged or lost goods is the responsibility of the movers.

Do They Provide Binding Quotes?

Nobody enjoys the unwelcome surprise of an unexpected bill, but it can be terrible when you are already going through the costly process of moving home. Many moving companies work on the basis of non binding quotes, which means that you can’t be completely certain about the precise cost of your move. You may find that if your move required more time or was heavier than anticipated, you could pay more. A binding quote is as the name suggests binding. It ensures that the costs involved will not exceed the original estimate.

Exploring the different types of moving services can be a time consuming and daunting task. Fortunately, Moving You is here to help. We can assess your specific needs to determine the types of moves and services providers who are best suited to your requirements. Our team members have the experience and full training to ask the right questions to determine what you need and match you with the reputable, licensed moving companies from our database who have the skills and expertise to help you.

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