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Door to Door Storage Tips and Tricks for a Seamless Home Move

If you are considering moving storage, you may have wondered the best way to make use of this resource. Fortunately, Moving You can not only connect you with the best moving and storage service but can allow you to benefit from their industry expertise and knowledge.

Wrap Where Possible:


Even though your door to door storage may only be a temporary measure, it is still a good idea to wrap your belongings where possible. This will not only provide some protection from the elements but can also secure items in case there is any shifting during transit. Industrial plastic wrap can offer a flexible option, but even old, clean sheets or blankets will provide protection from insects and dust.

Line the Floor:

Although many door to door storage units are very secure against the elements, it is still a good idea to line the floor of the unit. This will not only keep the items from directly touching the floor, but it can also provide some protection. You are less likely to scratch heavy furniture and other items when you are loading or unloading.

Label Everything:

Moving storage is often used as a quick solution to keep a move organized. Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize that organizing the unit will make life easier at the new home. It is a good idea to label all the boxes and cartons to keep them grouped together and help you to locate them in the correct room when you need to unpack. If you want to be super organized, you could even number your boxes and create a corresponding list, just in case you find that you need something desperately in your new home.

Use a Hefty Lock:

Although your moving and storage service may offer a secure space for your belongings, it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution. For this reason, you should invest in a hefty but small lock that can be used to make sure that your unit is secure.

Consider Temperature Changes:

While this may not seem like a consideration if you are only moving locally, even short spells of temperate weather can cause problems for items in storage. Excessive heat or a cold snap could create moisture in the unit and mildew or mold can develop quite quickly. If you have items that could be vulnerable to temperature changes, consider double wrapping them for additional insulation. If you are moving in summer, think about how your old photos, vinyl records or electronics will cope with the humidity.

Plan the Space:

Finally, you should think about planning the space for its most efficient use. While this may require you channeling your inner Tetris skills, even a small unit can be packed with a great deal of items. Try to use the space as wisely as possible, with heavier items at the bottom and stacking lighter items and boxes above. If you are concerned about layering, lay some plywood across the bottom layer of boxes to take some the pressure and stabilize the layers.

If you need door to door storage or any other form of moving storage for your relocation, you should speak to the Moving You team. We can assess your specific requirements and connect you with the best moving and storage service to facilitate a straightforward transition to your new home.

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