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Essential and Expert Self Storage Tricks and Tips

If you are planning to use self storage for your move or long term storage, you need to have confidence that your belongings are safe and secure. While there are many self storage units available throughout the country, Moving You is on hand to provide expert tricks and tips to get the best use from your mini storage.

Keep Out Pests:


Even if you are only planning on using self storage for a short time, pests can still wreak havoc on your belongings. Self storage units can be vulnerable to rodents, moths, insects and even spiders, so you need to ensure that your items are protected. This can be done by taping drop cloths to the walls and floor before you load in your items. Canvas is both absorbent and resilient, providing protection without causing your items to sweat and make them vulnerable to mildew.

Eliminate Any Moisture:

Speaking of moisture, even a hint of humidity can have a devastating effect on belongings. Furniture, artwork, and antiques are particularly vulnerable, but even paperwork can be damaged beyond repair by mold and mildew. To eliminate moisture inside your unit, create airflow and ventilation by leaving a little space between the unit walls and your belongings. Additionally, make sure any water using appliances have been fully drained and wiped inside to remove any traces of moisture.

Protect Your Belongings:

Even in a static mini storage unit, there is a risk that your items can be damaged or broken if they have not been packed correctly. You will need to pack boxes carefully by individually wrapping items and using packing material in any spaces to minimize shifting. Electronic items should be insulated against the cold and ideally stored in their original packaging for maximum protection.

You should also label all your boxes and cartons, particularly if they contain heavy or fragile items. You may be aware that you should store your mattress flat to avoid padding shifting, but you could still cause damage if you inadvertently put heavy boxes on top.

Maximize the Space:

Even if you are only using a mini storage unit, you can still make the most of the space. There is no point in paying extra for a larger unit, simply because you haven’t efficiently packed it. It is a good idea to use every available bit of space, slotting smaller items around larger pieces of furniture and appliances. Just be sure to stack lighter items on top of heavier things. If you are planning long term storage of smaller items, place a set of shelving inside to make the best use of the height of the unit.

You can also maximize space by disassembling furniture and storing items vertically. Finally, vacuum seal bags of bedding or clothing to save even more space. However, don’t be too efficient and forget to leave a walkway inside the unit, or you will end up needing to pull everything out any time you need to retrieve something.

If you need self storage either for your move or longer term, you should speak to the Moving You team. We can provide access to self storage units and movers who offer mini storage.

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