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The Best Way to Pack Your Portable Storage Unit

Packing your belongings for a move could be considered an art form. Professionals and those who have the natural Tetris gift make it look easy, but for some, it can be a real challenge. Before you go to the expense of purchasing a larger portable storage unit, Moving You is on hand with the best ways to pack portable storage containers.

Properly Prepare Your Items:


Before you even make a move to load your portable storage, you need to ensure that all the items you intend to store are properly prepared. It is a good idea to ensure that all your items are cleaned and dried, but if time is limited, just give everything a good vacuum to remove loose debris. Wrap upholstered furniture to protect it from dirt and damage and use packing material to protect any corners or items that may be vulnerable to scratching damage.

Boxes of smaller items need to be properly sealed and labeled. You should also ensure that all the items are individually wrapped, and any spaces inside the box are filled with packing material. Label up any boxes that contain delicate items, so they are not put on the bottom of a stack by mistake.

Plan Your Load:

Although it may be tempting just to start loading when portable storage containers arrive, it is better to take a logical approach. Plan out which items need to be loaded first. A good strategy is to load your bulkiest and heaviest items first. This will allow you to see the available space for your smaller and lighter items. This will increase packing efficiency and could also add stability.

Cover Up:

If your container has a transparent, plastic roof and it will be stored on your driveway for a prolonged period, it is a good idea to cover your items. Even a layer of cardboard or an old sheet will protect your furniture and other belongings from sunlight damage.

Consider Weight Distribution:

As you’re packing your portable storage, you also need to consider the balance of weight when it is moved. If you don’t have the container balanced, it is more likely that items will shift and cause damage during transit. Try to keep the weight inside the unit evenly distributed from side to side and end to end. For example, if you place your refrigerator in the right corner, you will need something that has a similar weight, such as another appliance or your couch in the left corner.

Use Loading Straps:

Most portable storage units have points throughout to secure loading straps. Using straps at each of these points will help to secure your items and prevent shifting. However, there is a fine balance between tight enough to be secure and overly tight to cause damage.

If you think you might need portable storage during your move, speak to the Moving You team. We can evaluate your requirements and match you to a mover who not only has an excellent reputation but can provide access to portable storage containers.

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