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When you are moving interstate, there will be a number of people, organizations, and companies that you will need to notify. One of the most important is the utility company. You will want to have electricity in your new home immediately, so your utility company may need some notice. Also, you will need to provide a date of when you want the electricity, gas, and cable switched off at your current home. If you are moving with your children, you will also need to start organizing their new school and transfer their records. Don’t forget you will also need to transfer your driver’s license. Many states require out of state drivers to obtain a new license within a certain period after becoming a resident. In order to transfer your license, you will need to visit the DMV, who can provide you with the specific details needed by your new state. If you are contemplating interstate moving, you should speak to the Moving You team. We can assess your unique requirements and connect you with the best cross country moving companies. Our panel of interstate moving companies has the expertise and experience to facilitate a seamless relocation with the minimal of stress.

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