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Moving Special Items; How to Move With Your Dogs

For many of us our dogs are members of the family, but just like small children, they can create issues during a home move. This means that you can’t rely on just any local appliance movers to help you when moving special items like your pets.

Prioritize Safety:


One of the best solutions to moving with your dogs is to ask for help from family members or friends. Ideally, your dogs can be removed from the home on moving day. However, if this is not possible, the first step of moving special items like your dogs is prioritizing safety. With the excitement of new people coming to the house, your dogs may get wound up into an enthusiastic frenzy. Even if your moving team are dog lovers, it is still a good idea to consider safety and keep your dogs in a safe and secure area. This will avoid them becoming a trip hazard or pulling a Houdini and disappearing as the truck is being loaded. The last thing you want to do have to do is search the neighborhood looking for your wayward pal as you need to get to the new house.

Minimize Anxiety:

Moving is chaotic and stressful, particularly in the days surrounding the big move day. This can mean in addition to a disruption to the normal routine; your dogs may begin to feel anxious. While you are busy packing for your move, it is a good idea to place your dogs in a quiet room to keep them away from the chaos. Ensure that the door is shut securely and your dogs have water, blankets and their toys. Although you are busy, be sure to take the time to check on your dogs periodically and make an effort to squeeze in some play time.

Consider Transport Options:

You will also need to consider how your pet will be relocated to your new home physically. If you are driving to your new home, this is not likely to be a problem. You can put your dog in his crate and travel as you would normally. However, it is a good idea to re familiarize your dog with the car if you don’t tend to take him out often. Take him for a short drive a couple of times in the run up to the move day.

If you are not driving to your new home, you will need to consider your transport options. Fortunately, there are specialist movers who can advise you on the best options for this very special cargo.

Take Precautions:

While you may do everything right, it is still a good idea to err on the side of caution and take some precautions just in case something does happen to your dog on moving day. Your dog should have had a quick check up with the vet in the weeks before your move and be sure to give the vet your new contact details. Ensure that your dog’s microchip details are updated and that his tags carry your cell phone number, just in case he wanders off. Finally, have a few treats on hand, to lure him back if he starts to stray.

If you are planning on moving special items including your pets, you should speak to the Moving You team. We can assess your specific needs and connect you with movers with the expertise to help you. From an appliance mover to specialists in antiques and art, we can pair you with the best movers in the industry.

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