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Long Distance Movers Expert Advice to Move School Records

One of the most challenging aspects of a long distance move is the paperwork. While the best long distance movers and moving services can help you with the logistics of getting to your new home, there are still a number of aspects you will need to tackle alone. Fortunately, you can benefit from the expert advice of Moving You.

Researching a New School:


If you are planning long distance movers, the first step is to research the new school options for your child. Most likely you will have begun this process during the search for your new home. Many parents plan their new neighborhood around catchment areas for the best schools. However, you will need to narrow down your options and conduct a little more research. Some schools have very specific requirements for what the information they require for new student applications. The last thing you need is to have to write to your child’s old school for a report or other piece of paperwork after you’ve moved.

Obtain Copies:

It is usually a good idea to have a copy of your child’s records with you when you go to register your child at a new school. However, you need to be aware that generally only a sealed, official copy will be accepted as a component of a permanent record. Official transcripts include results of standardized tests and report cards. These are needed so school administrators can assess the academic level of your child. So, don’t be tempted to crack open the official copy to take to registration, obtain a second copy so you can keep one sealed.

Supplement the Records:

Often test scores and grades are not a fantastic indicator of the unique strengths and weaknesses of your child. When you are moving to a new state, they may not accurately translate in the different school district. Therefore, it is a good idea to create a file to supplement your child’s official records. You can include letters from teachers, which document your child’s interests, strengths and weaknesses, examples of their classroom work, particularly in English, science or math. You should also include any information on their extra curricular activities and their hobbies or activities they enjoy outside of school. You should also create a list of the textbooks used before transferring including the author and publisher. This will allow new teachers a better understanding of your child’s study level.

For older children, don’t forget to obtain a letter of reference from any employers from their part time job.

Your new school may also require evidence of immunization and medical records. This will help to confirm that your child is up to date on their shots and highlight if there are any existing medical issues that may need to be monitored.

If you are planning a move and need long distance moving companies, you should speak to the Moving You team. We can assess your moving services needs and match you with the best moving companies. Don’t waste time looking for long distance movers, allow Moving You to help.

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