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Local Movers Common Hiring Mistakes

Although there are plenty of local moving companies around, choosing a great company can be a challenge. Choosing the wrong local movers can have a catastrophic effect on your move, as your stress levels are increased, and you are at risk of breakages and damage. Fortunately, Moving You can not only help you to find the best companies but can also highlight the most common hiring mistakes.

Leaving it to the Last Minute:


In the logistical chaos of finding a new home and organizing a move, many people make the mistake of leaving hiring local movers until the last minute. This not only increases costs, as pre booking tends to offer far more favorable rates, but you may find yourself with limited options. It stands to reason that the best service providers are booked weeks or even months in advance. This means that at the last minute, you may find yourself stuck with the moving companies, no one else wants to use, and there could be a very good reason for it.

Going for The Cheapest Provider:

Although moving can be a costly process, you may regret cutting corners on your movers and hiring the cheapest service. In many cases, you get what you pay for, and it could create problems later. If you have a quote that is significantly cheaper than others, it can be a warning flag. You may even find that you are dealing with scam movers, who lure people in with low costs and swindle them. If you find yourself losing your deposit and having no moving truck arrive on the day or need to pay more money for additional services while your belongings are held hostage, you will realize the quote was too good to be true.

Omitting Information:

Local movers will base their quote and moving arrangements on the information you provide. This means that if you forget about a basement full of boxes or your antique grandfather clock, your moving company may not be equipped to properly help you on moving day. You may even find that your moving costs increase significantly or there is an abrupt and stressful change of plan.

Forgetting Proper Insurance:

In addition to being careful with your packing, insurance is the only form of protection for your cherished belongings. While no insurance coverage can prevent accidents, full value protection will ensure that you don’t need to quibble about item depreciation in the event of a claim. Remember that your homeowner insurance will not provide adequate cover during the move, so don’t leave yourself vulnerable to financial loss.

Not Reading the Paperwork:

It is solely your responsibility to read the paperwork given to you from your local movers. You are signing that you understand and agree to all the terms and provisions, so be sure to read it properly. If you have any queries or certain details are unclear, ask before you sign.

Finding great local movers can be a time consuming challenge, but Moving You is here to help. We can assess your specific requirements and connect you with local moving companies that have the expertise to help you enjoy a seamless move.

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