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What You Need to Ask When Looking At Free Online Moving Quotes

These days it seems like every company has a website. While this would appear to make searching for a service provider easier, getting a mass of free online moving quotes can actually make it more confusing. If you are looking for moving company quotes, you need to know what to ask to ensure that you are getting an accurate online moving quote for the services you need.

Is the Quote Binding?

This should be your first question when looking at free online moving quotes. As the name suggests, a binding quote is binding. It means that actual cost of the services cannot exceed the quote. Since an online moving quote is usually based on a rough estimate of your needs, it is not likely to be binding. So, you need to be prepared to pay more on the actual moving day.

Are Any Extra Charges Included?


Some moving company quotes are based on a basic service. This covers the truck and labor and very little else. However, there could be a variety of other charges that could apply, such as fuel charges, parking fees, storage charges and premiums for appliances, awkward objects or long carriage. If you have special items, such as musical instruments or art, you will need to let your movers know straight away as it is likely to attract additional charges.

Will Your Belongings Be Transferred?

If you are planning a long distance move, it is possible that your belongings may be transferred to another vehicle or consolidated with another shipment. While these options may reduce costs, they involve extra handling which increases the risk of damage or loss.

What Insurance Is Included?

Another area where a quote may be only considering basic services is the insurance coverage. Basic insurance coverage is usually only 60 cents per each pound, which will not provide very much compensation in the event of loss or damage. However, there are insurance upgrades available including full protection, where the moving company assumes full liability and will replace the full value of your items. Some companies will quote based on the basic insurance coverage and then offer you more costly options when you have already agreed to their services. You need to know upfront, what is available and being quoted.

What Are the Payment Options?

Finally, you need to discover what payment options are available. Some companies charge a fee for payment with certain methods including credit cards. Additionally, you need to know how much deposit is required and if it is refundable. While cash is great, it doesn’t provide much buyer protection, so you need to know if the movers will accept your preferred payment method.

If you are considering free online moving quotes, you should speak to Moving You. We remove the need to search around for different moving company quotes. Our team will assess your specific needs and match you to reputable moving companies with the expertise to help you. This means that you don’t need to waste hours getting an online moving quote from multiple providers, with one call you can solve your moving dilemma.

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