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Vehicle Transport; The Process of Shipping a Car

If you are moving to a new state, you may be faced with the quandary of how you get your car to your new home. While vehicle transport may appear daunting, Moving You can help you with shipping a car to avoid any potential pitfalls.

Choose the Right Vehicle Transport Company:


Once you have decided on shipping a car, you need to find the right vehicle transport company. You need a company that is professional and trustworthy while being affordable. The last thing you want is for your car to be taken on a joyride halfway across the country with a cowboy company. Fortunately, there are trustworthy professionals out there. Experienced companies take pride in offering a high standard of service and ensuring that your vehicle is delivered safely to your new home when you expect it. Unfortunately, searching for a great car transport company can be a time consuming and tedious task, but Moving You is here to help. We have a database full of professional and reputable movers with experience in shipping a car.

Evaluate Your Options:

There are several options for car transport including container shipping and open air transport. A professional moving company specializing in vehicle transport can discuss the available options to help you to determine which is best suited to your requirements and budget. For example, open air transport tends to be a cheaper option, but your vehicle is exposed to the elements as it is carried on the back of a truck.

Prepare For Car Transport:

The next step in shipping a car is readying the vehicle for transport. It is a good idea to clean and dry your vehicle. This will enable you to check for any marks, dents or scratches that may already be on the bodywork. Take date stamped photographs to document the condition of your vehicle, just in case of any issues when the vehicle arrives. Most vehicle transport companies recommend leaving approximately ¼ capacity of fuel in the tank. Your vehicle won’t be being driven, and the extra fuel will add weight to the shipment.

It is also a good idea to take the opportunity to vacuum and clean the interior of your vehicle, but this is not necessary for car transport. However, it is a good idea to remove any personal items or valuables from inside the cabin. Don’t leave expensive sat nav equipment or jewelry as the transport company is unlikely to accept liability in the event that they are lost or damaged.

Finally, you should remove or retract your aerial and remove any body kit items such as spoilers that could get damaged or restrict vehicle clearance height.

If you are thinking of shipping a car to your new home, you need to speak to Moving You. We eliminate the need to spend days or weeks researching car transport companies. We can assess your unique requirements and connect you with vehicle transport and moving companies with the expertise and knowledge to help facilitate a smooth move.

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